Blogger Skylar Graves came to us for a redesign of her existing Squarespace blog, The old design wasn’t living up to her smart and sophisticated style, and she wanted a minimal design with an editorial edge—we were happy to oblige! We started with our Boulevard design and removed the top header and added a simple black navigation bar and a clean, high fashion logo. Sky wanted one pop of color, and we chose a muted blush which appears in the brushstroke behind her logo and in the sidebar. We slimmed down the Boulevard sidebar and kept things super clean and minimal with just the right amount of personal touches. The about page and contact pages were treated to high-fashion typographic headlines and we created a signature graphic that Sky can use throughout her branding. We’re so excited that you have a design that lives up to your high-­fashion vibe Sky! Congrats!

minimal sophisticated squarespace blog design | design by:

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