modern,+stylish+&+editorial+wordpress+website+design+_+designed+by_+golivehq.jpg is the free daily mini magazine that delivers the day's trending topics, style news, pop culture highlights, and fresh editorial content. Daniella and team wanted to take their awesome biz to the next level by utilizing our TKO service to completely revamp their Wordpress website! We just loved that we got to work with them on this fun project. 

They were looking for a modern, stylish and editorial upgrade where the website directly pointed viewers to subscribe to their daily newsletter. We made sure that all our design elements pointed to signing up, and created modern graphics with a hint of edge to give that trendy stylish look! We loved working on the logo to fit the modern woman and designing the Daily Bites section of the site. Congrats ladies! You guys have a stellar new website & we wish you all the best!