Q&A: Should I Have Everything On One Website Or Different Sites?


Hey guys it's Promise, the Founder and CEO of Go Live, And Ash, the Creative Manager for Go Live! We've been getting SO many questions recently on just about everything under the sun and we're now giving you our thoughts on your most burning questions!! ;) So this first Q&A goes out to all you multi-tasking extraordinaires!! 

Julia wrote in and asked: "As a makeup artist and a photographer, should I have everything on one website, or should I have two separate websites?”

That's a good question and one we get asked a lot! As a general rule of thumb, if your offerings service different industries, (like Julia's with photography and make up) then you should have separate websites - one for photography and one for makeup. Because you don’t want to confuse the visitor in what you offer, but instead, you want to establish yourself as an expert in each of those fields.

Let's go into more detail...

If you have too many things going on in one website, it will make it seem like you do a lot of things, but that you’re not an expert at any one thing. When your potential customer is at the point where they are looking to hire a professional… then they want someone that is an expert at whatever it is that their looking for. They don’t just want someone that could "probably" do the job. OR else they would have asked their friend who’s done a little dabbling in it to do it for them. They want to hire a PROFESSIONAL.

One of the simplest ways to establish your credibility as a professional is by creating a website that is laser focused on whatever it is that you do best. It doesn’t mean that our friend, Julia, can’t have both businesses. But she needs to have two separate websites so that she looks like an expert in each. This will maximize clients and Julia's websites will look legit.

If you need help building a credible website, our team can help you look LEGIT online!




If you have any questions that you want answers to, leave them in the comments below, and we’ll work on answering those in our upcoming videos!