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Yingka, of, is an LA-based event planner that was ready for a TKO overhaul to her previous website. It was pretty outdated and didn't match the amazing work her and her team do within the events planning industry.
Her main goal was to redesign her website so that it looks much more modern and sophisticated & attract a high-end clientele. One thing Yingka really loved about the TKO was the logo we created for her! She also loved the unique navigation that we designed, because it’s not a layout you see very often. One aspect of the website we really liked creating was the services section. We used an image where the whole team is looking out on Griffith Observatory in LA as the background for the Services section, and used a simple yellow border to frame the whole thing. It’s simple, elegant and makes the service options really clear and easy to navigate. Small details like these are what will help elevate her brand and business over all. Congrats Yingka! You new site is a perfect home for your always stunning work. Cheers!

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