Paley Draper is Live On Squarespace


Bridget, of, was ready for a website makeover for her party planning business, and we couldn't wait to bring her vision to life!! She wanted the site to look upscale but not too serious, having classy and feminine vibes but still very fun! So taking our Radar design template for Squarespace as a base, we combined a sans-serif & a serif font for a modern look, and added touches of stripes throughout the site in both black and rose gold which paired so nicely with our blush pink palette. We were so happy that Bridget loved the logo we created to stay within her desired theme! And it was fun to play around with her amazing photos and include little graphics like diagonals and touches of rose gold.

So cheers to Bridget!! We can’t wait to get fabulous party tips from her new rockstar site!

classy , fun & feminine Squarespace website design | designed by:

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