Arlene Chambers Is Live On Showit


Time to pop the bubbly because we are thrilled to have partnered with Wedding Photographer, Arlene Chambers , in launching her beautiful work into the world today! Arlene desired a clean, classy, and romantic aesthetic to attract her high end Seattle based brides. Through our Restyle process , we began with our Notorious website template as a solid base and from there we customized the site to reflect her unique brand and business goals.

As always, we included a custom logo design and branding package with her Restyle. Our creative process landed us on a simple typeface that spoke to her overall dainty but strong brand and we had a blast pairing the modern, sleek graphics with her beautiful imagery. With lots of tweaking to get the site just right, we ended our week with a BANG! We’re looking forward to hearing about how this new revamp helps her target her ideal bride and take her business to the next level. 


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