5 Reasons You Need A Website Even If You're On Social Media

At GoLive, we love using social media to connect with our customers and clients and reach new people. We are huge fans and huge proponents of being active and engaged on social media for your brand, blog or business.

If you’ve created an Instagram account or Facebook page, and your business is already feeling like it’s killing it online and growing, you may wonder, “Do I even need a website if I’m already running my business without one?”

The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Here’s the thing: social media is a strong and powerful tool for your business, but combined with a website, your business will perform even better than it is without one.

Social media is great for connecting with people online, networking, and drawing in your audience to your brand. Where your social media is an entry point or a greeting card to your brand, a website can establish credibility, help with search-ability, and really close the deal for customers and clients to want to work with you.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website:

1. A Website Establishes Your Credibility.

Having a clean and clear website is a key factor in establishing yourself as professional and credible. With tools like social media, anyone can post online that they are selling, coaching, or consulting; however, having a website for your legitimate business with separate you from the hobbyists.

2. You Can Charge More When You Look Professional Online.

With a website that establishes you as professional and credible, you can then charge more (cha-ching) and let your website bump up your bottom line. If you’ve thought about increasing your rates, it might be time to invest in a website first!

3. A Website Helps You Get Found Online.

A website can bring you more customers, because people have the potential to find you online through Google, Pinterest, and other search engines. This is called SEO (search engine optimization). When you’re posting on Facebook or Instagram, people can’t google your product or service and find you easily. If people search on Google for “Los Angeles Wedding Photographer,” you’ll see websites, not links to Facebook pages at the top of the list.

Want some more info on SEO and how you can easily implement it on your own site? Check out our 5 Quick Tips To Enhance Your SEO In Squarespace.

4. A Website Helps You Work With Your Dream Client.

We’ve all likely worked with people who are not a great fit, and likely you felt frustrated by the end of the project or transaction. While your social media does some work on getting the right people to you, your website, when written and designed well, can attract your ideal client and repel the kinds of people you don’t want to work with.

PRO TIP: We’ve got an amazing resource in the shop that helps you Define Your Dream Client so you can figure out exactly how to attract or repel them on BOTH social media and your website.


5. A Website Eliminates Confusion For Your Clients And Customers.

A website is a quick and easy-to-access overview of exactly what you do. When you post on social media, your followers might miss your posts explaining your products and services from time to time and therefore might be confused with what your business actually does. They can hop over to your website to get a direct overview of what you do without having to scroll for days!

PRO TIP: If you need help crafting a concise, one-sentence statement for your brand or business, use our FREE Brand Bio Formula so you can start using it on your social media profiles, on your website, and when people ask, “what do you do?”

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