5 Unique Font Pairings For Squarespace

Fonts on your website and branding can make a HUGE difference. Having great, well-paired fonts can take your website from amateur, boring, or unprofessional to unique, well-designed, and credible with just a quick, two-second swap on the backend of Squarespace.

Thankfully, Squarespace is an amazing platform that offers TONS of fonts already integrated in, so switching to a new font is a breeze. The only problem is picking the fonts you actually want to use on your site out the hundreds that are available.

We recommend using font pairings – combinations of two or three fonts that work well together – because you really don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much change. Sticking to fewer fonts makes it WAY easier to keep it simple, keep it readable and keep it clean.

The following list are UNIQUE font pairings we’ve curated, and all are available built into Squarespace’s platform so you don’t have to add any custom coding to change your typography.

You might want to use unique fonts if you want your brand to stand out and make a big impact on the web! You can use these fonts to really give your brand more personality and style on your website.

5 Unique Font Combinations For Squarespace

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