Bianca Olthoff Is Live On Squarespace


This was the second time we worked with the fun and vibrant,, so we were familiar with her style and vibe! We went with a very editorial look using a lot of black & white but added pops of red throughout the site. Bianca had some really great images of herself which were used throughout the site and paired nicely with the type and graphics. What Bianca loved most, is the fact that she’ll be able to very easily edit her Squarespace site!! She loved how clean the interface is and how easy it is to make changes, add new pages, and basically do anything she wants with her site. That's the beauty of Squarespace! She also loved the styling and typography we used on the site.

We had so much fun designing all the header images for the site. We used a parallax effect to give the header some movement and make it look like the images are scrolling behind the letters. Overall it was a pretty neat effect and added a fun element to the site! So cheers Bianca! We love that your online home is uniquely tailor made for you!