Girlboss Is Live On Squarespace


YAS!!! The new site is LIVE and we're geeking out that we were able to be a part of it... again! (Check out of first TKO with the Girlboss team here.) Partnering with Sophia Amoruso is always really fun & we work great together; she's a true #girlboss! The team is really diving headfirst into a new, very powerful, season of Girlboss. They're creating dynamic daily content that we really wanted to highlight in this custom TKO. We went for an edgy yet a "don't-take-yourself-too-seriously" look, with a bright color palette. Although we didn't create the logo, we kept some of the similar vibes from the last TKO, but kept it fresh with a play on gradients & font pairing. 

Promise attended the new Girlboss Rally last month in LA & it was AMAZING. There were so many great & inspiring visuals at the rally. The whole event was super instagrammable and just FUN to attend! Sophia had a great opening session, and awesome speakers like, Gabby Bernstein, spoke at the rally. 
To top it off, Promise spoke at the rally about: The Websites Dreams Are Made Of! Squarespace sponsored the talk, and they had such a fun time collaborating together at the pop up studio during the rally. If you would like to grab a digital ticket to watch all the sessions from the Girlboss Rally, tickets are available here!

All of us at Go Live are SO excited to see where Girlboss leads in the next season ahead. And can't wait to binge watch their new show, Girlboss, coming to Netflix on April 21st!! You can watch the trailer here. Cheers to Sophia and the whole #girlboss team! 

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