The Best Modern Font Pairs For Squarespace


When people come to your site & it’s clean, clear, updated and well-designed, we find that prospective visitors are WAY more inclined to turn into loyal, dedicated followers of your business. One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re site is attracting clients or customers is to make sure the fonts on your site are appropriate for your brand's tone and vibe.

Thankfully, Squarespace is an AMAZING platform that offers so many fonts. The only problem is picking the fonts you actually want to use on your site out the hundreds that are available.

We recommend font pairings because you really don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much change. Sticking to fewer fonts makes it WAY easier to keep it simple, keep it readable and keep it clean.


  1. Don’t forget about letter spacing. Use Squarespace’s Style tool to adjust the Letter Spacing (space in between each letter) & Line Height (space in between each line).

  2. Need more inspiration? You can see how Squarespace fonts will look on Google Fonts. PLUS, you can easily see a list of five popular font pairings for a font you LOVE.

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