Behind The Scenes: Giving Jasmine Star's Site A Facelift


We had so much fun at the Go Live HQ office recently when Jasmine Star stopped by to chat about giving her site,, a facelift. She sat down with our CEO and Creative Director Promise Tangeman and the two rolled up their sleeves!

During the brainstorming process, they came up with a list of small changes that needed to be made to freshen up the site! Jasmine learned that the benefits of her business needed to be clear and stated concisely on her homepage, making it easy for her audience to see exactly what she is offering. 

PRO TIP: Promise suggests listing benefits, a mission/vision statement, testimonials, and highlighting Jasmine's social media presence to provide a SNAPSHOT of who Jasmine is. 

"The changes we have laid out are a little bit bigger than what I had originally anticipated, but I’m really excited because my goal should always be as a business owner: 'How do I provide value for the people who follow me?’” - Jasmine Star. 

You'll have to wait to see the updated site, but we'll keep you in the loop! In the meantime, make sure to check out Jasmine Star's site,


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