Why To Choose Squarespace For Your Website

Why To Choose Squarespace For Your Website | Go Live HQ

One of the first steps in creating a website is choosing which website hosting platform is best for your business. It can be seriously confusing when you’re looking at all the options, but at Go Live, we recommend Squarespace ALL THE TIME. If you’re launching for the first time and don’t have a large budget to spend on designers and developers, it’s VITAL to choose a platform you’ll be comfortable using and able to get creative with. Especially if you’re not the most tech-savvy! Squarespace checks off all those boxes.

We even love building our custom clients’ sites on Squarespace because it’s so easy to use! We know that they'll be able to easily learn the platform, and have the confidence to regularly make changes and update their site on their own. If you're deciding on a platform to host your website, here are the best reasons to choose Squarespace. 


Why to choose SQUARESPACE for your website:


1. Squarespace Is Super Easy To Learn

Squarespace's clean, modern interface and its drag-and-drop structure make web design a breeze! You definitely don't have to know or use code at all, and there are so many options for what you can add to your site - photo, video, calendars and scheduling, social feeds, etc. You can also sign up for a free trial of Squarespace to play around with creating a site, and you'll see for yourself how fun and easy it is. 

2. Blogging and eCommerce Are Built-In Features

Adding a blog or creating an online shop is super simple with Squarespace! These feature are built-in to the platform, something that some other website hosts don't offer. You won't have to manage different platforms or multiple logins. Plus, Squarespace has some pretty amazing eCommerce features, so your shop will run beautifully and professionally. 

3. Squarespace Sites Are Mobile Responsive

Squarespace's Templates are responsive across all devices. Your site's content will resize depending on which device a viewer is accessing your site from. And you don't have to design your mobile site separate from your desktop site. You can easily keep the style consistent across desktop and mobile with adjustments in your Style Editor. 

4. Squarespace is Optimized for SEO

Squarespace is super SEO friendly, and they've built features into their platform to increase your visibility on search engines. You can read all about what Squarespace does for SEO here.  Additionally, we've put together a list of tips to enhance your SEO even further on your website. 

5. Quick and Helpful Support

Squarespace's support team is friendly and quick to respond. They offer a live chat service in addition to a help email for asking questions. You can also find support forums on their website to ask and answer questions, and help articles from answered by the Squarespace team. If you have a question there is guaranteed to be an answer!  

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