5 Tips For Working From Home

5 Tips For Working From Home | By Go Live HQ

Working from home can be a dream! It provides flexibility, comfort, and it eliminates a commute to the office — meaning extra sleep. Woo! While working remotely or being your own boss has a ton of perks, your home can easily become a distraction if you're not strategic. 

After years of running her own business from home, our #girlboss, CEO & Creative Director Promise Tangeman has learned a thing or two about how to stay productive — but not too productive—while working from home, and she's dishing out her best tips below! 

1. Create An Office Space.
It’s so important to have an area designated for working, and I recommend not having it in your bedroom! Create a unique space that you use for work purposes. A place that is your designated "I'm working" space. I’ve really tried to make sure my space is clean and organized and I have space to write or lay things out if needed. My desk also has a couple of things that inspire me. Greenery, my favorite painting of all time, a sweet candle and a pretty notebook.

2. Create A Morning Routine.
It’s so important not just to jump straight on emails in the morning. It’s so so hard not to, but take a couple of minutes … get some water, make some tea, actually eat a good breakfast, sit and write down your goals for the day, brainstorm a little about some new ideas. Your mind is fresh in the morning, and you have a chance to think about these important things … ya know, before you see 37 emails, feel rushed to get back to people, and have no idea where all your time went.

3. Get Out Of Your PJ’s.
It’s weird how clothes can affect your mood. I’ve learned to get some comfy clothes that also make me feel like I’m in work mode and ready to take on the day. It was a learning curve, but you don’t want your husband to come home and ask if you were sleeping all day and if you even brushed your hair. I’m also not gonna say I get all done up each day #iliveinyogapants but I’ve found some great casual, but comfy clothes that make me feel put together.

4. Set Office Hours That You And Your Significant Other Agree On.
One of the disadvantages of working at home is you’re technically always at work. It's so easy just to hop on your computer and think, "Oh, this will only take me 5 mins...better if I respond now." An hour later, and you've missed dinner plans and now your work is putting stress on other areas of your life. It’s important to learn work/life boundaries so that you don’t burn out! Even though your work hours might be flexible, you should set a tentative work schedule so there is also accountability that you aren’t working when you’re not supposed to and vice versa. 

5. Take Breaks To Stay More Productive.
Take a break to go for a walk, meet a friend for lunch, get up and walk around every once in a while. It’s good to get your blood flowing, and sometimes when we’re working from home, we forget to take a break. Who's with me on that!?! Breaks help productivity and give you clarity. My favorite thing to do for a break is to watch a Ted talk (ideas worth spreading). I’d always thought that it would be easier to take a break at home, but I’ve found it to be much harder. Most times I just want to keep going because “I”m almost done,” then it’s 3:30 p.m. and the toast I made for breakfast is still in the kitchen and all of a sudden I’m starving. Yeah, you’ve been there.

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