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Easy-to-use website templates to help you quickly launch what you love so you can start living your day dream

How It Works

Our unique website templates are easy to use and will help you stand out from the crowd. We recommend refilling that cup of joe, cranking up your favorite tunes, and diving in to really make your online presence unique to you.


Our Templates Are Different

Squarespace is an incredible tool for creating websites, but it can be tricky to make their base templates ‘your own’ and stand out from all the other websites out there. This is why we’ve created a collection of proprietary designs built off of Squarespace’s original templates, ensuring they’re truly easy to use.

Our templates aren’t like traditional “templates”. After purchase you’ll receive all the tools you need to build out your new website. Now there is some assembly required but we promise it’s not like IKEA furniture. We give you all the graphics, site settings, and video tutorials and walk you through step by step how to create our professional and modern design in your Squarespace account. The process is easy and designed to empower you as we go!


4 Easy Steps To Build Your New Website

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Choose Your Template

Browse our ready-to-build designs and pick the one that has the most potential for your brand!


Customize your site

Watch our step-by-step video tutorials to easily build & customize your site. There's NO coding involved.


Open Your Inbox

After purchase, you’ll receive an email with instructions for how to log in to your portal to begin watching our video tutorials.


Go Live

Subscribe to Squarespace and launch your website. It’s time to start attracting your dream clients.


 Video Overview


Unique Features


No Coding Required

You won’t need to know code, “developer mode”, or use any other hard to use designer programs to make your website a reality.


Completely Responsive

All designs are 100% responsive without any heavy lifting, so you’ll look good on any and every device out there-- desktop, mobile, etc.


Video Tutorials Included

Easily build & customize your website design by following our step-by-step video tutorials and comprehensive resources.



Each design uses Squarespace's original settings so you can easily modify the layout, colors, logo, images, graphics and more.


Unique Layouts

You'll get a custom look without the price tag. These designs are proprietary and crafted by us (professionally trained designers).


Helpful Support

We love helping people have a good experience building their brand and website. Shoot us an email and we’ll hit you back within 48 hours.


Template Installation: $199

Don’t want to bother installing the website template yourself?! We get it. Time is money. We can do it for you.


Frequently Asked


What platform are your website templates built for?

We design and build website templates for Squarespace.

What do I get after purchase?

Within minutes of purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for how to login and access your files and video tutorials. Then you'll create the design in your Squarespace account using our easy-to-follow tutorial videos. NOTE: this is not a plug and play "template" like traditional templates. Squarespace works a bit differently, so the design will need to be built out in your Squarespace account following our video instructions. It's very easy and will only take a couple of hours to complete. If you do not want to do this, we have a template installation service, where we can install the design for you in your Squarespace account.

What if I'm not a 'techie' person? Is that a problem?

No way! We've designed these to be user friendly for the average person--our tutorials use normal language (no techie lingo here) and we've found that most people can finish the setup within hours.

Can I add a shop to my website?

Yep! The great thing about Squarespace is you can add e-commerce to any Squarespace design. You can also incorporate elements from other pages of the design you choose to your e-commerce page to make your brand, website, and shop cohesive. We're confident you'll be able to get that going after you complete the implementation. As you customize the site from our videos you'll be more and more confident in Squarespace and get the hang of it!

Can I use my own logo in your templates?

Absolutely! We want your website to represent your brand! All the designs are built so that you can insert your existing logo, make a new one with Squarespace's built-in logo maker, or use the template's logo as a base design.

Do I need to purcahse anything aditional?

Yes! You will need a Squarespace account (plans starting at $12 per month).

Can I customize the designs to match my brand?

The designs can be used as-is or you can customize further to make something even more unique to you. The video tutorials show how to edit every part of your site, so feel free to experiment and get wild!

What if I want help setting it up?

If you don’t want to install the Template yourself (or if you’re allergic to technology and know it!!), we can help you out! We’ll do all the steps to get the Template installed to your Squarespace account. The end product will look identical to the demo so that all you have to do from there is pop in your content, images and customizations. Get more info on that here.

Do I need Photoshop to edit any design elements?

Most of our website templates do NOT require photoshop. However, a select few design require the use of Photoshop to edit a few graphics on the design. Please refer to the individual shop pages to see if the design you like requires Photoshop.

Do I need to know code or have on 'developer mode'?

Nope! We worked really hard to make these as user-friendly as possible. Each design comes with step-by-step video instructions to create the design in your Squarespace account using the built-in style editor.

Doesn't Squarespace have free templates?

Yes, they do. However, people choose our website templates because they don't want their website to look like the other Squarespace websites out there. They get a custom look without the price tag.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the digital nature of our products, they cannot be returned and are non-refundable. Please email us if you have any specific questions about this before you make a purchase: