TROY GROVER IS LIVE is LIVE!!!!! Troy and Aimee Grover are exceptionally great high-end wedding photographers in Orange County, California. They had their old logo, branding, and website for about 5 years and desperately wanted and needed an update. The business name is Troy Grover Photography, but a lot of their clients and other wedding professionals in their industry have been calling them "The Grovers". Through our in-person TKO process we decided to make the classic a little more personal by gradually moving them towards "The Grovers".

Their photography work is light and airy and so they desired their brand to reflect and compliment the type of work that they shoot. We chose a simple, elegant, and feminine aesthetic with neutral colors. The chosen neutrals shades nicely compliment the colors in most of the weddings that the shoot. Aimee and Troy were a blast to work with. CONGRATS ON THE LAUNCH YOU GUYS!!!!