We just LOVE Charleston­ based photographer’s work, and were so excited when she approached us for a rebrand and site redesign. She provides wedding photography for couples “Who Are All In,” and we were all­ in to create something that felt both adventurous and sentimental. Caroline wanted a site that honored her eclectic and modern sensibilities that still felt professional and refined. So we started with the Into The Gray template for Squarespace, and added thin lines, touches of copper, chalky slate texture, and bold editorial typography to make the site uniquely Caroline’s. We loved creating the copper foil numbers for her galleries, adding a bold sophisticated look to the site. Her new logo incorporates a clean serif font for “Caroline” with a rough brushed font for “Ro” for a fun-fancy feel. Caroline we are so thankful we got to work with you—Congratulations!

Bold Sophisticated Squarespace Website Design | Design By: Go Live HQ