Trent wanted a classic, sophisticated update to his brand and website, tbroglinphoto.com. He was looking for a southern classic vibe in all the right places and couldn't wait to for us to get started on his dream site! Using his existing logo, we added in stripes, some gold geometric shapes, and combined them with a mix of classic and script fonts. We loved playing with type treatments for Trent, giving him that desired classic look. And we add detailed finishing touches on each page that will keep viewers satisfied. The outcome of this restyle is a mix of southern hospitality and charm that will more than woo his future clients! Congrats Trent on your dream site!


Abby!! So glad you loved the #GoLiveHQTKO experience! Recently she wrote in and said: 

"The website that came out of my TKO is so over and above any other in my industry and legitimately surpassed all of my expectations. It's completely in a class by itself. I get compliments on it CONSTANTLY and consistently rank #1 in Google search results. The end result really did accomplish what I'd set out to do when asked in my brand assignment homework what I wanted by businesses to be about. It's industry changing and causing others to up their game. I honestly can't imagine making a better first impression to clients and because of that I'm so much more confident as a business owner and freelancer throughout the entire working process. Thank you so, so much for that.

The fact that everything really did happen in one day flat was AMAAAAZING. People can hardly believe it when I tell them. Prior attempts to redesign my site literally took months. By the time the design process was done I was so over it and felt like I needed to start fresh again. Go Live seriously handles business like no one else. And you do it with such energy, enthusiasm, hospitality, and professionalism.

I already have recommended you guys 10 times over! I know that anyone I send your way is going to come away basically with mind blown because mine totally was. When people have an idea that they're excited about they don't want to wait 4 months inching along in the process. I love that you just GET. IT. DONE. Your designs are beautiful and original and truly inspired by the individual you're creating it for. The fact that you care to create that shows. I honestly cannot sing Go Live's praises high enough. I'm so thankful to have found you guys. I know I'll be back."

High fives and fist pumps,


Check out her website: abbystolfo.com


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