Dallas, of DallasShaw.com, came to us for a complete web revamp utilizing our TKO service. After looking at Dallas’ mood board and reviewing her homework we knew right away the vibe she was going for...artsy meets editorial. She’s an amazing fashion illustrator, so we wanted that to be apparent throughout the site but still have it feel very editorial. For Dallas, the homepage was really important to her because it’s the first place that potential clients are going to make a first impression. We couldn't wait to start designing this site. The homepage was our favorite to create. We wanted to go for a layered/collage look and have it feel very artsy but not go overboard. The top image captures her brand so well; from her picture to the pain swatches and pencil writings, everything just really came together really well. We love that she added a personal touch of her own handwritten logo to tie in the whole site.

Dallas’ favorite aspect of the site is the main image. She loved the artistic elements such as the brush strokes and the typography overlaid on the image. She also loved how well it represented her brand. She was so pleased with the final result and could not wait to start showing off her brand new site! Yay!

artsy meets editorial squarespace wesbite design | designed by: golivehq.co

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