Sana & Saman, of the, came to us wanting a sophisticated meets minimal website for their chic lifestyle blog. We loved their desired vibes and couldn't wait to get started on the project! The ladies loved all the marble texture and linear elements. They really wanted the focus to be on their photos and wanted the site to be sophisticated with very minimal touches of graphic elements. One of their favorite pages was the contact page too! By making that image black and white and adding a white border, it added a classic look to the page. We enjoyed designing the logo and also choosing the fonts for the site. We also used the serif font in the logo sparingly. This helped maintain the minimal vibe they were going for. Their photos and style are so strong so using our Mode template really helped showcase that with the Instagram block at the bottom of the homepage.

Congrats ladies! Your new website is as sophisticated as you are! 

sophisticated meets minimal squarespace website design | design by:

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