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Fun and Colorful Website Design for Social Agency | Design by Go Live HQ

9 To Thrive™ is a social agency dedicated to empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch the ordinary to make their dreams a reality. Our pal Mandana Ansari of Girl And The Bay was looking for a playful, smart, and sophisticated space on the web to launch her new business! 

We did a Restyle on one of our best-selling Website Templates, Kira Reid

Our favorite part of this brand is designing for someone who has such a specific vision in mind. Check out this peek into Mandana's vision for the brand below! 

GO LIVE: If your brand was a person, what would their personality be like?

MANDANA: Kristen Wiig in the streets (or on a plane with her friends) and Whitney Wolfe Herd in the office...in a pink jacquard skirt suit. Fun, savvy, sharp, witty, hilarious, badass.

GO LIVE: If your brand were a person, what clothing brand would they wear?

MANDANA: A lot of Ganni with a side of Dior sling black flats with an occasional distressed jean paired with a Gucci ready-to-wear blazer. Bad, boujee, but still playfully feminine. 

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