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Okay we just might be slightly obsessed with the ever adorable & driven Sadie Robertson! We teamed up together to make a home for her passion project, & had such a fun time with her and the team! Sadie is on a mission to live original, & is now touring through the US helping youth discover their passion and purpose. Can she get more amazing?! :)
For this custom TKO, we wanted the site to be clear, direct & FUN with that "Sadie Original" twist! She gave us free rein to create her site, so we went to TOWN detailing a perfect tailor-made design. Utilizing Squarespace as our foundation, we highlighted all the main sections of the website with big blocks, and created a clear Call To Action placement at the top of the site. We wanted to make her website as user-friendly as possible while still being fun with tiny graphic elements throughout! We also created the logo to fit within her relaxed & carefree theme. And why not have a zebra print frame around the entire site?!  We were pumped to help Sadie with this awesome project and can't wait to see live impacted by her passion. Cheers to Sadie and the Live Original team!
Want to see Sadie on tour? Click here!

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