The 24-Hour Instagram Story Hack

The 24 Hour Instagram Hack

Every once in awhile, you gotta find your inner rebel and break the rules. Here’s the deal. As of right now, Instagram only allows you to upload content that has been shot within a 24 hour period, right? Wrong. We’ve got a hack that can help you bring your A GAME and keep your business at the forefront of those stories on the daily without having to create new content in the middle of your hustle.

The 24 hour rule can be easily sidestepped by taking an image from your files and re-saving it to your camera role as a NEW IMAGE. This tricks the app into thinking you’ve just captured said image and allows you to upload content you ALREADY HAVE! Hello, time saver.

Here’s a few options on how to do this: 

01 - Email the image to yourself, or if you have iMessage, you can text it to yourself from your computer to your iPhone.
02 - You can also send and save images between your devices via Dropbox.
03 - If you have Photoshop, you can re-name images in the program in order to re-save.    

04 - Go to your iPhone settings and set the time back. Post all you want. Then set time back to automatic! (GENIUS tip from one of our followers!)                                                                 

05 - Planoly users can upload any existing content and post anytime using the "Stories" feature!

(Psssst! SIDENOTE: if the image you would like to post already exists in your camera roll you need to either delete it and re-save it to your camera roll or take a screenshot) 

Try it out! Have any other tips or tricks regarding the 24 hour window?  Sound off in the comments below!