The Six Figure Chick Is Live On Squarespace


One of our favorite parts about our RESTYLE option is that we get to collaborate with our clients in the creative process and let us tell you, working with Cici of The Six Figure Chick was a ball! This season, Cici's business has been sky rocketing, so she wanted her custom RESTYLE website to make an impact on her clients and help fuel the success of her business. We began our process by joining forces with Cici who selected our "Everyday" Squarespace template from our shop and talked goals. From there, our team went to work focusing on key features such as versatile function, seamless navigation, and of course, BOLD style. Once we dialed that in, we got down to the details and crafted everything from the logo to the icons in order to make sure this site really packed a punch!

Cici is a bona fide hustler who has big plans for 2018. And we are happy to celebrate her launching a brand new site that she LOVES and truly reflects her business!


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